Creative content & Advanced Technology

Argun Group is a creative team
that combines all types of 2D
and 3D contents with advanced
Augmented Reality & Mixed
Reality technology.

What We Do?

AR Mongolia platform

In order to increase business efficiency and create new marketing channels, we are developing "AR Mongolia" comprehensive marketing platform using advanced Augmented Reality (AR) technology. The Augmented reality is an advanced technology that connects the real world to digital content based on artificial intelligence computing and recognition algorithms.

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AR Education project

It is a product and content development project aimed at improving secondary school curriculums using Augmented Reality technology, creating e-learning materials, and educating pre-school and kids through toys

Who we are

Our mission

To produce quality creative content by combining tradition and innovation, to enrich and distribute it with advanced technology, to introduce national distinctive features to the world, and to contribute to social development

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